After God’s Not Dead 2, A Movie About Columbine

Pure Flix, the company that made God’s Not Dead 2, is behind a movie about the shooting at Columbine. Specifically, a movie about the life of a student killed in the shooting at Columbine. From what I can tell, the movie is made by Visible Pictures, but at some point during production Pure Flix stepped in and said “We’ll help!”

The title of the movie is ironic: I’m Not Ashamed.

“I’m Not Ashamed”? As in “I’m not ashamed to be turning a tragedy into Christian propaganda”?

Watching the trailer that was released before Pure Flix came onboard, I was reminded of how Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder from Movieguide used the Newtown shooting as an opportunity to say “Please give us money!”

Here are two trailers:

The one made before Pure Flix came onboard:

And one made after:


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