“6 Commandments” for Nudists

As a Catholic, I try and follow the 10 Commandments.

On this blog, I write about the subject of nudism because I think the subject is important, and because I think that the people who live the nudist lifestyle shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

I decided to write down “Commandments” for people living the nudist lifestyle. I thought of 6. (Note: They are influenced by my Catholic faith.)

Why did I do this?

The purpose of this post is to help people who are nudists get the most out of their lifestyle.

Also: I’m not trying to equate myself with God by issuing “Commandments” — I just didn’t know what else to call what I’d written.

If you have any “Commandments” you’d like to add, write them in the comment section. And, as always: Feedback is welcome.

Here they are:

  1. Always make a person feel safe. If you are with a person who is naked, that person should not be worried or scared. Why? Because that person should know that you have their best interests at heart.
  2. Make sure your reasons for going naked are pure. Before going naked, always ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”
  3. Always see a person as more than their body parts. For men: Always see a woman as more than her breasts, butt, vagina, etc. For women: Always see a man as more than his penis, butt, abs, etc.
  4. Remember that you are “very good.” (Genesis 1:31) God created you — every aspect of you, including your body — and said you are “very good.”
  5. Remember that God sees you and loves you. God understands your desire to be naked. The freedom, joy, and peace that comes with being naked is a preview of the freedom, joy and peace that God wants to give you in Heaven.
  6. Remember that your soul is what ultimately matters. A person’s body will eventually break down and become food for worms. When the world ends, God will reunite a person’s soul with their body. That person will then continue living with God in Heaven, or continue suffering in Hell.

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7 thoughts on ““6 Commandments” for Nudists

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked my article.
      I hope that people who are nudists won’t be treated like outcasts by people who are religious. As a Catholic, I am not supposed to treat anyone as an outcast. I am supposed to treat everyone with respect, empathy, and love. It is my Catholic faith that inspires me to write about nudism.
      I believe that God can use nudism to help people. The desire to be naked isn’t a bad thing.
      There are, unfortunately, people who use going naked as an opportunity to exploit or abuse others.
      But there are also people whose reasons for going naked are pure. I want to commend those people. And I hope that their desire and choice to go naked will positively effect them and others.

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