“Attacking Christian Movies for the Wrong Reasons”

It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it. ~ Roger Ebert

What are the “wrong reasons” for “attacking” Christian movies?

From a post on Movieguide: Please Stop Attacking Christian Movies for the Wrong Reasons:

What many critics have done however is that they’ve traded criticism of craft with a criticism of genre, and they’ve done so by creating barely defendable presuppositions about the very purpose of movies altogether. In the eyes of those critics, GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 isn’t a “bad” movie because of bad acting, bad cinematography, or even bad writing, it’s bad because in their eyes, a movie that preaches and teaches by definition cannot be a good movie. (Emphasis mine.)

“Barely defendable”?

The people criticizing God’s Not Dead 2 have praised BrooklynCalvaryOf Gods and Men, The Tree of Life, Chariots of Fire, The Passion of Joan of ArkSelma and Schindler’s List — movies with messages and/or Christian content.

Also: Movies like District 9


Mad Max: Fury Road


…and Kiki’s Delivery Service


…could be called “preachy.” (“Preachy” in the sense that those movies have a message.) And yet critics don’t mind.


Because those movies don’t suck.

Critics don’t have an issue with what God’s Not Dead 2 is preaching and teaching.

Critics have an issue with how God’s Not Dead 2 is preaching and teaching.

How is God’s Not Dead 2 preaching and teaching?

By, for example, having the ACLU lawyer, with the oh-so-subtle last name “Kane” — Genesis 4:8 — be an atheist with no redeeming qualities.


As UPROXX put it: God’s Not Dead 2 teaches Christians to fear thy neighbor.

For more fear, watch the trailer:




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