Christians Are Rejecting God’s Not Dead 2

I’m glad that God’s Not Dead 2 made less money on its opening weekend ($8.1 million) than God’s Not Dead did ($9.2 million).

I’m also glad that, during its opening weekend, God’s Not Dead 2 was playing in 2,419 theaters, while God’s Not Dead was playing in 780.

My source:

Maybe now, if God’s Not Dead 2‘s opening weekend box office gross is anything to go by:

Christian filmmakers will learn subtlety:


Maybe now, Christian filmmakers won’t tell Christians what they want to hear…


…but what they need to hear.

Maybe now, Christian filmmakers will focus their talents and efforts on persecution that is actually happening. Not persecution that, if the song “Guilty” is anything to go by, they wish was happening.

Maybe now, Christians will discover that goodness, truth, and beauty can come from anywhere…


…not just from explicitly Christian sources like Pure Flix. (Philippians 4:8)

Maybe now, Michael Scott, the CEO of Pure Flix…


…and Ted Baehr, the creator of Movieguide


…will 1) Realize that Christians don’t need to be told “Send a message to Hollywood,” in order for a movie to make money. 2) Will realize that Christians are perfectly capable of making their own choices regarding movies. And 3) Will realize that Christians aren’t sheep.

Flock of sheep, New Zealand, Pacific


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