Madame or Miss Clara: Who would you rather spend time with?

I said in a previous post that I would rather spend a day with Madame than a day with…anyone from all the Kendrick Brother’s movies.

When it comes to characters in Kendrick Brother’s movies, the closest to Madame (a character in Kiki’s Delivery Service) is Miss Clara, from War Room.

War Room5

Why would I rather spend a day with Madame than a day with Miss Clara?

The short answer:

Madame is interesting. Miss Clara isn’t.

The long answer:

Everything Miss Clara says, it seems, is either about God or prayer. For example:

I’m religious. And I don’t mind talking about subjects like God or prayer. But, there comes a point where I think: Can we talk about something else?

Judging by War Room, a day with Miss Clara would involve an interrogation about the state of my faith life.

Lie Detector

I know Miss Clara means well, but still. Boundaries.

I don’t feel that way about Madame.

With Madame, I feel I could relax. She makes me feel at peace. She has other admirable qualities, too — qualities I don’t see in Miss Clara:

Madame makes up for her mistakes (she insists on paying Kiki, the delivery girl, even though there is no delivery to make):


Madame has a passion. She likes to cook (her specialty is herring and pumpkin pot pie):


Madame is willing to take others’ advice and accept their help:


Madame uses her skills and passion for the benefit of others:


Despite Miss Clara’s prayers and exhortations, Madame strikes me as the more Christian of the two women. Even though her religious beliefs are never known.

This question — Which woman would I rather spend a day with? — points to a problem with the movies made by the Kendrick Brothers:

They’re not actually movies. They’re feature-length sermons.

When will the Kendrick Brothers realize that “…excellence reflects God far more powerfully than blatant preachiness”?


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