Sausage Party: This Is “Adult” Entertainment?

We’ve reached a new low in American animation:


Breasts on a hot dog bun.

I thought after Foodfight! (2012) the worst was over.


The hot dog is female, so I can see the reasoning behind it. But still: All I could think when I first saw this character was: Really? I won’t go into more detail about this character’s design, but the first word that comes to mind when I look at her is “Sexual.”

I get it. Sausage Party (2016) is an R-rated CG animated film.

Sausage Party could also be called the first adult CG animated film. But there’s a problem with describing this film as “adult.” Judging from the trailer…

…the film is shock humor with sexual innuendos sprinkled on top. Is that what constitutes adult entertainment nowadays?

On the one hand: Yes. The film is rated R — only adults (people 17 and older) can watch it.

On the other hand: No. Speaking for myself: I’m an adult, and this film doesn’t appeal to me.

To me, the content of films like Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)…


…and Up (2009)…

…is more adult than anything in Sausage Party.

The word I would use to describe Sausage Party would be “Juvenile.”


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