Why “Whisper of the Heart” is important to me: Part 2 (SPOILERS)

One of the reasons Whisper of the Heart is my favorite movie is because, in Shizuku, I see the person I was, the person I am, and the person I want to be.

The person I was: Like Shizuku, I compared my life to others’. I would see what my friends or family were doing — the strides they were making in their careers, or in discerning what they wanted to do with their lives — and I would think, like Shizuku, “It must be great to know what you want to do. I’ve got no idea at all. I just go from one day to the next.

The person I am: Like Shizuku writing her story, I am currently throwing my effort into my writing. I am also praying, and doing research. Trying to figure out if my chosen profession (teacher) is something I can actually do.

Whisper of the Heart64

The person I want to be: At the end of Whisper of the Heart, Shizuku stands on a hill with her boyfriend, talking to him about why she wrote a story. “…you were the reason I did it. I’m glad I pushed myself. I understand myself better now. I’m going to study hard, and go on to high school.” I hope that, like Shizuku, I one day know what my path in life is supposed to be. Thinking of that scene — of Shizuku watching the sunrise — I can’t help but also think “I hope everything I’m doing now — all my work, all my sacrifice — is worth something.”

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