Rediscovering Pixar

Tonight, channel surfing, I ended up watching the last 20 minutes of Up. It had been over a year since I had last seen the movie. And I don’t know why, but I cried. Hard. Up usually only made me misty-eyed. But not tonight.

I was reminded of what Pixar means to me.


In mid 2013, I was depressed. I don’t remember why, but I felt like God didn’t love me anymore. And I was searching for something — anything — to let me know “God is still here.”

One night, I saw WALL-E was going to be on TV. I had only seen a few minutes of WALL-E the year before. So, having nothing else to do that night and wanting to see the rest of the movie, I watched it. And, something awoke in me. As the camera zoomed out on our little blue planet and the credits rolled, my desire to know that “God is still here” was fulfilled. As I sat on the couch, thinking about WALL-E, I felt like God was with me again.

That was the beginning of me rediscovering Pixar. I had seen Pixar movies when I was a kid (I remember watching Toy StoryFinding Nemo,  and Ratatouille at home, and watching Monster’s Inc., The Incredibles, and Cars in the theater) but during my late teenage years and the early years of my adulthood, Pixar didn’t really appeal to me.

On a side note:

Tonight, I am full of joy.


But I also feel anger.


Pete Docter (the director of Up) and Andrew Stanton (the director of WALL-E and Finding Nemo) are Christians. Christians doing beautiful work that transcends barriers like race, religion, and nationality.

Which is why I’m thinking “What the  f***”  when I look at so-called “Christian Art” like Left Behind (the 2014 version) and War Room.

War Room

Getting back on track:

Rediscovering Pixar led me to rediscover animated movies in general. (Thank you to my best friend for helping me.)


Which led me to discovering Studio Ghibli.

But that, as they say, is another story…

Whisper of the Heart62




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