There is no “Good News” in God’s Not Dead 2

I recommend reading this post first: Everything I’ve Written About God’s Not Dead 2, All In One Place

Are you dreading God’s Not Dead 2?

Do you think Christians’ wallets are being exploited?*

Do you want to do something fun?

If your answer to these 3 questions was “Yes”:

Read this — a list of the resources and promotional tools for God’s Not Dead 2 — while listening to this:

There’s something insidious about Christians telling their fellow Christians to buy out theaters and bring groups of people to see God’s Not Dead 2. The people promoting the movie say everything they’re doing is to spread the Gospel. But it’s not.

The Gospel is the “Good News” — the news that Jesus, the son of God, came down to Earth, died for the sins of mankind, rose from the dead, and wants to welcome us into Heaven. Judging from the two trailers that have been released, there is no “Good News” in God’s Not Dead 2. But, judging from the trailers, I can tell you what is in God’s Not Dead 2:

Fear and anger.

“We’re at war.”


“…I have nothing but contempt for these proceedings!”


*That $62 million had to come from somewhere.



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