“You need to be more like me and not care.”

I recommend reading this post first: Everything I’ve Written About God’s Not Dead 2, All In One Place

Last Saturday, as I sat at my laptop at 9 PM, blinking rapidly to moisten my eyes in order to keep them from drying out after I’d spent all day staring at a screen, I had a revelation:

I’ve spent so much of my time on Facebook pages for “Christian movies” like Woodlawn (2015), God’s Not Dead 2 (2016), and (when it was the holiday season) Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas (2014), and on the Facebook pages for Christian movie production companies like Pure Flix, and watching trailers for Christian movies, and keeping up to date on Christian movie news. And I realized: I’ve got to stop caring.

Nothing I say is going to convince the fans of these movies that they are, at best, “Meh,” and, at worst, propaganda. Only God can change a person’s heart.

I’m better off sticking to movies I know are good…


…and hoping that people I come into contact with in my day-to-day life think they’re good, too. Or are open to seeing them.

So, fans of God’s Not Dead 2:

Enjoy your pandering propaganda.


I’m going to enjoy this secret world I just found.

Arrietty and Shaun12


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