Should Nudism Have More Exposure?

I haven’t seen Zootopia yet. If I see it, I won’t see it until it comes out on DVD. (I’m saving my money for Batman v. Superman.)

Since I haven’t seen Zootopia yet I can’t talk, with full understanding, of what it is that I want to talk about in this post: Nudism in popular culture.

Why do I want to talk about something like that?

Watch 1:46 — 1:52:

Upon learning that nudism is a theme in Zootopia, I asked myself this question:

Is nudism a lifestyle that more people should be made aware of?

My short answer is “Yes.”

My long answer is:

People should be made aware of the positive aspects of nudism.

Why? This Bible verse explains why I think that:

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

I’m not saying that nudism is evil.

I’m not saying that all people should become nudists.*

I’m saying people should be made aware that, yes, there are people who live the nudist lifestyle, and who live it for pure, non-malicious reasons.

(On a related note: Nudists are aware of the negative perception that nudism has.)

I believe that the subject of nudism is morally grey: There are reasons to be for it, and there are reasons to be against it. From everything I have read, I have come to the conclusion that as long as a person isn’t harming themselves or others by going naked and/or being around others who are naked, too, than I don’t see how I can say anything to that person other than “Carry on.” (For further reading: My Thoughts on Nudism and the definition of “purity of intent.”)

I believe in the best of the nudist community, though. What is “the best of the nudist community”?

This: 1) A desire to return to an Edenic way of living: To live like Adam and Eve lived before the Fall: “Naked without shame.” (Genesis 2:25) 2) A desire to proclaim to the world “The human body is ‘very good.’” (Genesis 1:31) 3) A desire to proclaim to the world “A human being is more than their body.”


*The choice to be or not to be a nudist is a choice that a person should make of their own free will. Going naked should never be something a person feels they have to do or should do, for any reason. A person should only go naked because they want to.


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