I’m Not A Film Buff

As I read and watched my favorite film critics give their thoughts on the upcoming Oscar Awards and the films nominated, I had a realization: I’m not a film buff.

Film Buff: A connoisseur of or expert on cinema and films.

This realization depressed me, but it also made me feel relieved.

Depressed: I realized I’m not as knowledgeable about, and don’t have as big a passion for, film as I thought I did.

Relieved: I realized that for a while now (I don’t know exactly when) I’ve felt like I am being something I’m not. And now I know what that “something” is: A film buff.

Film will always be important to me.

It is film that carried me away on adventure when I was a kid…


…thrilled me when I was a teenager…

Lord of the Rings2

…and comforts me as an adult.

Whisper of the Heart38

But. I’m not who I thought I was.

And that’s OK.

Maybe I can find some nice people who will like me and accept me for who I am.



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