Thoughts on the future of nudism: Part 2

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Some more thoughts on the future of nudism:

I’ve discovered, recently, that I’m worried about the nudist community: I’m worried that nudism is a lifestyle that will vanish.

I can’t yet explain exactly why I feel this way.

As I said in “Thoughts on the future of nudism”:

I admire people who live the nudist lifestyle because I see in such people an attempt to return to the paradise that was lost — Eden — and, by the lives they live, bring some of that paradise here, to this imperfect world we all live in.

The nudist community, like any community, is not without controversy. No one is perfect.

I believe in the best of the nudist community, though. What is “the best of the nudist community”?

This: 1) A desire to return to an Edenic way of living: To live like Adam and Eve lived before the Fall: “Naked without shame.” (Genesis 2:25) 2) A desire to proclaim to the world “The human body is ‘very good.'” (Genesis 1:31) 3) A desire to proclaim to the world “A human being is more than their body.”

At the heart of nudism — a lifestyle characterized by going naked in a non-sexual context — there is goodness, truth, and beauty.

And where there is goodness, truth, or beauty, there is God.

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8)

“Test all things. Hold fast to what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

In conclusion: To sum this post up:

God created all things. Thus, desire comes from God. A lifestyle that is characterized by a desire to not wear clothes is a lifestyle that I don’t want to see vanish, because of how God can use such a lifestyle to make the world a better place: “…with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19: 26)

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17 thoughts on “Thoughts on the future of nudism: Part 2

    1. Thank you for reblogging my post.

      Also: I apologize if in these posts I come across as redundant. With every post, I try and have something new to say. But I find that I have a tendency to repeat what I’ve already said, too.

      1. I am happy that someone with your Faith perspective is sharing your thoughts so honestlygiven the negative perception around Christians and nudity it can bear some repeating so keep up to good work

  1. I don’t share your pessimism on naturism/nudism going away. I agree that there are an overwhelming number of older people but that was the case when I first started. At my initial experiences at Gunnison Beach, I immediately realized that there were people of all shapes and sizes at the beach and that the crowd was older. I felt like one of the youngest adults on the beach. It didn’t take long to realize that the reason for this was that the primary reason young adults go to the beach are to socialize with members of the opposite sex; the sun, sand, and water were secondary. For me they were the primary reason for me to go to the beach which is why I ended up at Gunnison Beach in the first place. I had a girlfriend so I was happy socializing with the couples and others at the beach.

    I see signs of optimism with groups like Young Nudists and the Free the Nipple movement. They are promoting the naturalness of nudity to young people. I am finding the millennials are more comfortable and open to nudity. The Internet makes it easier for people curious about naturism/nudity to find more information and groups practicing social nudity. Our social nudity group reaches out to other groups to promote our group. As a group we need to come out of the shadows and show that we are normal everyday people, and we will see our ranks and acceptance grow.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

      There are so many issues today that, I think, stem a mindset of “The body is a despicable thing,” “The body is a means to an end,” or “The most important aspect of a person is their body.”

      And I see groups of people, like nudists, saying “No! That’s not true!” to all of these. That’s why I think nudism is important.

      Though it may seem strange (at least at first) to people who don’t live the lifestyle, there is goodness, truth, and beauty to nudism. It is that goodness, truth, and beauty that I try and convey in my posts, and that I think people need to be more aware of so that nudists aren’t treated like pariahs.

      Do you mind if I quote the last sentence of your comment — “As a group we need to come out of the shadows and show that we are normal everyday people, and we will see our ranks and acceptance grow.” — in an upcoming post?

      1. So true. I try to convey that we are your friends and neighbors and not pariahs. For the most part, I’ve been successful but I find that the people that say they are the most “progressive” are the ones that are the hardest to convince. You may certainly use my comment because I believe and practice that statement.

      2. Another great article. Thanks for including me in it. I like the comment where the sister in-law didn’t even notice it anymore. Frankly that’s the way that it goes. After a while, you become desensitized to it. Maybe that isn’t the best choice of words, but seeing someone nude becomes common and normal. That’s the way that it is with my social nudity group, people that come over to my home, or other activities. We look at people at people and not objects. On another topic, I like the fact that you integrate scripture into your posts, because I’m a Christian and I have yet to find anything contradictory to my beliefs. Also we have to remember that the Bible was written by man and translated many times so meanings get lost or modified depending on the times and translations. I have used some of the same passages to my friends that bring up religion in the discussion.  Please keep up the great posts!BBB

      3. Thank you for the compliment.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying my articles.

        My faith is what motivates me to write about nudism. Jesus said to go out into the world and proclaim his teachings.

        As a result, I don’t want anyone to feel like outcasts.

        Nudism is a subject, it seems, that is treated as taboo by Christians.

        The purpose of my articles is to shine a light on nudism. To say “It must be acknowledged that people live this lifestyle. To not acknowledge this fact is to sweep nudists under the rug — which is not what Jesus would do.”

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