How to Beat Depression

I, at times, struggle with feelings of depression.

Everyone is different.

But, here is what I do when depression comes a knockin’:

Humor is good medicine. So I listen to a piece of music that makes my struggle(s) seem comical. For example:

I imagine I’m someone else. Like, for example, a private eye. I’m a fan of the film noir style.

I imagine I’m somewhere else. Like in a cafe during rainstorm.

I remind myself that I’m not struggling alone. I’m not the first person to struggle with feelings of depression, and I won’t be the last. People have gone through what I am going through and come out better for it: Reminding myself of that makes feelings of depression easier to bear.

I watch any of the following movies:

Whisper of the Heart.

Whisper of the Heart33

Kiki’s Delivery Service.


The Secret World of Arrietty.


These three never fail to put a smile on my face.

I write. Writing is cathartic and fun — beneficial not only to the person doing the writing but (hopefully) to the person reading the writing, too.





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