Critiquing Movieguide: Part 3

Note: The purpose of this series of posts — “Critiquing Movieguide” — is to point out times that Movieguide makes me facepalm. As a follower of Jesus and a lover of movies, Movieguide should be speakin’ my language. But they don’t. Often. Horribly.

Tom Snyder and Ted Baehr — the minds behind Movieguide — say that Movieguide’s worldview is not “conservative” or “liberal” but “biblical” — based off of the Bible.*

Yet there is a noticeable conservative bias on the Movieguide website. This post is one example: Kurt Russell Defends His Conservative Statement.  There’s also — from the Related Posts section — these:

“This Conservative Comedian is Taking Liberal Cities by Storm.”
“Filmmaker Judd Apatow Slanders Conservatives in TV Interview.”
“Captain America’s Newest Enemy: Conservative Americans.”
“Movieguide Podcast — Captain America vs. Conservatives.”

On a side note:

Why am I posting Tom Snyder’s tweets?

Because Tom Snyder’s opinion matters.


And there’s this: Hollywood Promotes Patriotism

And this: Study: Moviegoers Prefer Movies with Conservative Values

*A behind-the-scenes look at how Movieguide is run


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