Critiquing Movieguide: Part 2

Note: The purpose of this series of posts — “Critiquing Movieguide” — is to point out times that Movieguide makes me facepalm. As a follower of Jesus and a lover of movies, Movieguide should be speakin’ my language. But they don’t. Often. Horribly.


I can’t believe someone actually wrote this:

From Movieguide’s review of The Hateful Eight (read the whole review here):

Tarantino has cultivated a loyal following among the nomenklatura, and with that he gets away with more onscreen brutality and vulgarity than almost any other filmmaker.

From Google:

“Nomenklatura”: (in the former Soviet Union) a list of influential posts in government and industry to be filled by Communist Party appointees.

Movieguide: Just because the mainstream media of the United States leans toward the Left, that doesn’t make it Communist.


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