The Secret World of Arrietty ~ what Shawn teaches me (SPOILERS)

What fictional character inspires you?

The Secret World of Arrietty is a movie that never fails to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling down. And one of the reasons why is the character of Shawn.

Shawn risks his life in order to save another’s.

Arrietty and Shaun10
“Be careful, Shawn! Please!”

Risks incurring the displeasure of his nurse and aunt, the only “beans” in this life, in order to do the right thing.*

Arrietty and Shaun9
“We will find her.”

Must face the possibility of dying.

Arrietty and Shaun5
“…I’m not scared, because someone taught me how to be brave.”

Wants what every person wants — to be loved.

Arrietty and Shaun4
“So you have a family. That must be nice.”

I’d like to think that if Shawn can make it through everything he goes through, than I can make it through whatever I’m going through, too.

*Humans are called “beans” — i.e., “human beans” — by Arrietty’s kind, Borrowers — who are known as “the little people.”


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