My thoughts on “The Force Awakens” (no spoilers)

December 15th:

My thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

I haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet.

I’m a Star Wars fan. My introduction to Star Wars was seeing The Empire Strikes back when it was re-released in theaters. And I saw The Phantom Menace when it was in theaters not long after. Since then, I’ve seen all the movies, the original Clone Wars TV series, read a few of the books, and played many of the video games.

Ever since The Force Awakens was announced back in 2013, I’ve been looking forward to it.

But, lately, something has been happening to me: With only days left to go before release, I find my excitement vanishing. And the thing is, I’m not upset about this.

Hear me out.

When I go to see The Force Awakens with my friends and family, I want to have a good time — I want the movie to be good, and for those I go with to have a good time, too. Fun. That, to me, is what Star Wars is all about.

BB 8
BB-8 = fun

It’s just… I know The Force Awakens isn’t going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and yet the internet is treating The Force Awakens like it will be.

The Force Awakens has a lot to live up to.

I understand why people feel so passionately about Star Wars. Star Wars is a life-changer. You don’t have to look for long to find evidence of this.

Some of my most cherished memories are because of Star Wars.

But I keep on thinking: “It’s not worth it.” All this hype… I can’t help but feel that there are, for lack of a better word, better movies to be thinking about.

“Different strokes for different folks.”

Everyone has their preferences.


I guess I’m just getting old and Star Wars is no longer the feel-filled punch to the childhood that it was in years past.

I blame anime.

It’s all your fault.

Anime has, pardon the corny-sounding phrase, opened my eyes.

Opened my eyes to stories, and methods of storytelling, that I, otherwise, would have never imagined.

As a result, what is considered “Epic,” “Mind-blowing,” and “Must-see,” more often than not just makes me shrug my shoulders and go “Meh.”


I’m going to watch The Force Awakens as soon as I get the chance to.

Will it be better than all of the prequels? Yes.

Will it be better than any of the movies in the original trilogy? No.

Will it be the greatest movie ever? No. This is:

Whisper of the Heart29

Those are my thoughts, so far, on The Force Awakens.

Thank you for reading.



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