Critiquing Movieguide: Part 1

Movieguide is a Christian organization that, among other things, reviews movies.

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In this post, I want to critique a recent post by Movieguide’s founder, Ted Baehr, that laments that more and more movie reviewers, it seems, are motivated by politics.

Here is the relevant excerpt:

Whether consciously or unconsciously, the news media has produced increasingly politicized, polarizing movie critiques. This bias started years ago, but there was a time, as Walter Cronkite once pointed out, when journalists tried to be objective, and critics such as Pauline Kael apologized when they didn’t use common accepted standards to analyze a movie, but allowed their biases to attack the film.

Click here to read the whole thing.

In critiquing Ted Baehr’s post, what I’m going to do is post two more excerpts from it, and then post excerpts of three reviews from Movieguide.

Here I go:

These reviews seem to be on a vicious witch-hunt, looking for anything they can use to attack the movie.

Of course, it should be noted that MOVIEGUIDE® is overtly Christian. However, we use a standards based system, so even movies without our viewpoint receive a fair rating and analysis.

From Movieguide’s review of City of Ember (read the whole review here):

Bill Murray sounds like every loony leftist National Socialist politician. His sycophants do a perfect job of creating an aura of National Socialism, or liberal fascism with a happy face. He may remind many viewers of another politician currently running for president.

From Movieguide’s review of The Counselor (read the whole review here):

…THE COUNSELOR has no heart, no moral courage, not much intelligence or wit, and no honor. Also, there is no Wizard of Oz to lend it any of those things. Except, perhaps, for the obsequious, phony pseudo-intellectual elitists running the news media and America’s critic organizations, who like to insert redeeming qualities and artistic value when there are none.

From Movieguide’s review of Of Gods and Men (read the whole review here):

This movie is a wake-up call to western civilization. The unrelenting advance of Islam on helpless and loving people continues to this day. Their so-called god is the delusional ravings of a child molester who loved killing people with his own sword.

My point is:

In this post, Ted Baehr is being a hypocrite and is not acting like a Christian.

Ted Baehr’s reviews are politicized and polarizing, show a clear bias, and use that bias to attack, regardless of whether or not he liked the movie. For example: Ted Baehr liked City of Ember.

On a final note: Two more excerpts of reviews from Movieguide:

From Movieguide’s review of Runaway Jury (read the whole review here):

Unhappily, there are many people who will fall for such superficial cinematic techniques. This is exactly what happened in Germany when Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist demagogues used movies like TRIUMPH OF THE WILL to convince the German people that murdering Jews, handicapped people, sickly senior citizens, and unborn children was a good idea. The pro-abortion, pro-gun control leftists in Hollywood are the rightful heirs of these socialist monsters.


From Moveiguide’s review of Monster’s Ball (read the whole review here):

These trite stereotypes haven’t stopped Roger Ebert, the liberal movie critic of the Chicago Sun Times, from naming MONSTER’S BALL his top movie of 2001. Of course, this is the same critic who loved BELOVED, the awful, politically correct occult movie about slavery starring Oprah Winfrey.



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