Why “Whisper of the Heart” is important to me (SPOILERS)

Whisper of the Heart is an anime movie about a middle school girl living in early 90s Tokyo.

It’s scary (in a good way) how much the life of Shizuku, the girl, parallels (or did parallel) mine:

First: She shares a room with a university-attending older sibling. The room even includes a bunk bed and a desk with a red chair.

Whisper of the Heart25

The older sibling has Shizuku’s best interests at heart but Shizuku, in her immaturity, doesn’t see that.

Whisper of the Heart28

Shizuku meets a person who seems to have their life all figured out.

Whisper of the Heart27

Shizuku then thinks to herself “What am I doing with my life?”

Whisper of the Heart2

This leads Shizuku to “follow her heart” — to push herself to find, and do, what it is she is passionate about.

Whisper of the Heart12

How does Shizuku “follow her heart”? By writing a fantasy story.

Whisper of the Heart23

Finally: Letting her responsibilities — her health, grades, and relationship with friends and family — fall by the wayside, Shizuku eventually realizes that “following your heart” is, for better and for worse, not the experience that she thought it would be.

Whisper of the Heart24

On a side note: “Whisper of the Heart” is the English title of the movie. In Japan, the movie is called “If You Listen Closely.” Both titles make me think of a person trying to discern God’s will for their life.

Whisper of the Heart10


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