Nudism, and when pleasure becomes a problem

Note #1: This post is me expressing my personal opinion. If you are angered or offended by anything I say in this post, let me know by commenting and we can talk about it. Thank you. I’m sorry. Angering and/or offending people was not my intent.

Note #2: I don’t mean to come across as preachy or anything. In this post, I’m trying to explain a concern that I have about the nudist lifestyle and why I have it.

For a little over a week now, having read peoples’ thoughts on why they chose the nudist lifestyle, I’ve come to another conclusion:

One of the reasons people choose the nudist lifestyle is because of the pleasure that being naked gives them.

Here’s what I mean:

From what I’ve read, people liked feeling the elements on their skin. Liked giving their skin a chance to breath. And liked giving body parts a chance to “go with the flow.” (For example: Allowing breasts to be pulled down by gravity like breasts naturally are, until a piece of clothing like a bra prevents it.)

This, understandably, gives a person pleasure. A feeling of freedom. A feeling of release. A feeling of “This is me! See me and love me for all that I am!”


But, I’m concerned that pleasure can become a problem.

An example of how the pleasure that comes from being naked — whether being naked yourself, or seeing the joy that others have as a result of being naked — can become a problem:

A husband asking his wife to not wear clothes around the house because, he feels, if she does she will be “Concealing her true self.” And when she does, he gets upset. The reason why is because the husband feels as though the wife is depriving herself of something that, to him, is precious: The pleasure of being naked. A pleasure he wants her to experience, too. Which leads to conflict.

If you say “There’s nothing to worry about,” I understand why you say that. For this reason: We’re all human beings. We all have free will. We can all freely choose, or not choose, to do something.

In conclusion:

With this post, there’s two points that I want to communicate. Those points are:

  1. I don’t want the feelings that come with being naked to turn into something that a person feels they can’t live without.
  2. If a person is naked, than I want that person to be naked of their own free will — because they choose to be — not because they feel, for whatever reason, that they have to be.

Pleasure, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. God likes it when we go “Ooh. That feels good…” The reason why is because everything God created, including our bodies, is good. (Genesis 1:31)


As the old saying goes: “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Nudism, and when pleasure becomes a problem

  1. Totally agree, Timothy! Too much of a good thing can definitely be bad. Pleasure and comfort are good things, given by God for us to enjoy. But addiction to those things are clearly bad (e.g., the idea that one can not be happy unless naked). Paul was clear in 1 Corinthians 6:12 that while everything may be permissible, not everything is beneficial and even the beneficial things cannot become our master (that would be idolatry). In addition, the choice to be nude or not is completely up to each person, and no one should ever be forced to be naked just because someone else wants them to be. Everyone has different issues, temptations, struggles, and convictions, and nudity isn’t for everyone. An example in my own life is that of my family. I was a home nudist well before my wife and I married, she was aware of that and fully accepting (still a little surprised after we got married that there was always a naked guy waking around her house – haha!). However, she had never spent any time naked outside of the “usual” – bathing, changing, etc. Still to this day, after more than a decade of marriage, she isn’t comfortable herself being naked. It’s not a shame or conscience issue, it just doesn’t bring her any physical comfort or pleasure like it does me. As such, I’m free to be naked as much as I want to and she stays clothed. Neither of us are uncomfortable about it or try to get the other to change. This is who we are, and we’re fine with that.
    Hope that rambling makes sense. Thanks for continuing to explore the subject of nudism in a thoughtful way!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      For the longest time, the nudist lifestyle came across as strange to me. “Why would anyone want to be naked?” I thought.

      I started writing about nudism in order to get a better understanding of those who live that lifestyle.

      As a Catholic, I see it as my mission to be a “Light to the world” — to spread love and empathy however I can. I felt like those who live the nudist lifestyle were being swept under the rug by the Church — ignored — and I didn’t want that to happen.

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