A Message to Nudist Families

Note: It is not my intent to offend or anger anyone. If you are angered or offended by anything I say, let me know by commenting and we can talk about it. I’m sorry.

This is a message of goodwill to families who live the nudist lifestyle:


  1. May you always see your children as more than their bodies. May you never forget that your children are people with their own hopes, dreams, fears, etc.
  2. Husband and wife: May you always see each other as more than the body parts that brought your children into the world and nourished them as babies. (The penis, vagina, and breasts.) May you never forget each other’s humanity.
  3. May your children know that, ultimately, it is not what is on the outside (their body) that matters, but what’s on the inside (their heart, mind, and soul).


  1. May you always see yourself as more than your body.
  2. May you always see others as more than their body.
  3. May your parents and siblings always make you feel loved and safe.
  4. May you never be ashamed to go to your parents or siblings when you need them.

Parents and children,

  1. May you help each other towards the inner peace that every human being desires.
  2. May choosing to be naked be something that effects your life for the better, not for the worse.
  3. May your home be a place of peace, love, and empathy.

Thank you for reading.


14 thoughts on “A Message to Nudist Families

    1. Danee,

      I’m glad you liked my post.

      Thank you for sharing it with others, too.

      Also: I see you’re following my blog now. Thank you. I’m glad to have another follower. I’m glad people like what I have to say and I hope that it is having a positive impact on others.


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