A message to nudists

Note #1: This post contains artistic depictions of male and female nudity.

Note #2: Since I am a Catholic, this message of mine to nudists will be influenced by my Catholic faith. If you are offended or angered by anything I say, let me know by commenting and we can talk about it. I’m sorry. It was not my intent to offend or anger.

A message to nudists:


May you never forget that there is more to a person than their body.


May you treat yourself, and your fellow human beings, with love and respect.


May you never forget the power your body has. May you never forget the power you have.


May you never forget where you come from.


May you never forget that, though you are free from the burden of clothes, you will always have your inner burdens.

Eve in the Garden of Eden by Anna Lea Merritt

May you lead yourself, and your fellow human beings, to the inner peace that every human being desires. May your life be an example for others.


Thank you for reading.

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14 thoughts on “A message to nudists

  1. Not entirely sure why you began with caveats. Nothing in this post is offensive nor blatantly Catholic. You wish happiness to all, how could that be offensive? The art you chose is from Masters of the craft.

    Be confident in your posts while humble enough to accept some will not like them. But then bloggers aren’t blogging for the comfort of readers but to voice a message from the writer.

    1. You make good points, troynbr2. I will keep in mind what you’ve said. Thank you for commenting.

      I agree that nothing in my post is offensive — I wish happiness to all. And the art I chose is masterful.

      It’s just that, one never knows the mindset of the person who is reading their writing — how a reader will respond to a blog post, no matter how pure the intent. That’s why I put the caveats: To make it as clear as possible that this post is just me expressing my opinion, and that if they feel negative about it for any reason, that getting them to feel negative was not my intent.

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