Reaching out to nudists

Note: If anything I say in this post offends or angers you, let me know by commenting and we can talking about it. I’m sorry: It was not my intent to anger or offend anyone. I am trying to, as best as I can, explain what I personally believe about the subject of nudism, and why I believe it. Feedback and criticism is welcome. Also: Please click the link below — it’s the highlighted word “elsewhere” — in order to have more of an understanding of why I’m saying what I’m saying in this post. Thank you.

As I have said elsewhere, the reason that I am interested in the subject of nudism is because I believe that those who practice it can teach those who don’t practice it a thing or two.

Now, if you don’t mind, I want to ask nudists some questions:

  1. Why did you decide to be a nudist?
  2. How has nudism changed your life?
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist?
  4. If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it?

If you don’t mind, please leave your answers to these questions in the comment section of this post. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

The reason I ask these questions is because I hope that all people will love and respect others, and love and respect themselves too, no matter what they are or aren’t wearing.

The reason for these posts about nudism is because I feel like, I don’t know why, nudists are a group of people who are swept under the rug — treated as if they don’t exist. I don’t like that.

The reason I don’t like that is because I want all people to be treated as the human beings that they are, no matter how they choose to live their life.

Thank you for reading.


57 thoughts on “Reaching out to nudists

    1. clothes free life,

      Thank you for reblogging my post. I’m glad you liked it.

      For the longest time, the nudist lifestyle came across as strange to me.

      I want all people to be loved and respected, and I think that starts with understanding why people make the choices they do.


      1. Thank for being willing to be open to exploring the subject in such a respectful manner I know it goes against the grain but it also sends a positive message about people of faith.

    1. Naturist Holidays in Europe,

      Thank you for reblogging my post.

      The reason for this post is that I want all people to be loved and respected. And I think that starts with empathizing with people — understanding why people make the choices they make.


  1. 1. I decided to be a nudist when I realised that I really didn’t believe that my body was indecent, evil and had a corrupting influence and I accept the truth that the body is natural, decent and wholesome.

    2. Nudism has helped me to value honesty and sincerity. I realised that even in the face of possible adversity (I live in a highly conservative Asian society), I openly tell people I’m a nudist because I value honesty.

    3. Nudism has made me more confident and more comfortable in my own skin. Although I live in a conservative country with draconian laws, I have not faced any drawback from being a naturist. Maybe people don’t tell me to my face or I’m too insensitive to hear the whispers behind my back but I really haven’t experienced anything bad. Everyone who knows me (including my whole church) knows I’m a nudist. I post my nude photos all over the internet and I don’t hide my face like a hypocrite. Yet there has been no serious repercussion. At least not yet.

    4. The nudist just accepts the human body as natural and decent. But there are all kinds of nudists. What the world usually sees is the closet nudist. This nudist may talk a lot about nudism but he hides his identity all the time. He posts other nudists’ photos openly but not his own and when he posts his own photos, he takes care that he is not identifiable. He may give the wrong impression to the world. For me, the true nudist must walk the talk and he should mean it when he says that the body is natural and not something one should be ashamed of. I just hope that people will not tar all nudists with the same brush. There are true nudists among us who mean what we say and we don’t hide our identities as if nudism were a crime.

    1. Lim,

      Thank you for commenting.

      For the longest time, the nudist lifestyle came across as strange to me. But not anymore.

      I’m glad to hear nudists’ thoughts on why they choose to not wear clothes.


  2. Why did you decide to be a nudist?
    I became a nudist because it helped me to accept my body, challenge myself to try new things and also challenge the ridiculous belief that nudity is shameful.

    How has nudism changed your life?
    Nudism has changed my life in every way. It has made me more tolerant, less judgemental and substantially more respectful of the environment.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist?
    Outside of a few cold winter weeks, there are no drawbacks for me. The biggest advantage is frankly the freedom that I feel when I leave the house naked.

    If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it?
    I want to tell them how totally natural it is. That it is not shameful in any way. That it is not dangerous to kids. That in fact it is the complete opposite. It allows them to accept themselves as human beings and be more tolerant of the people and world around them.

    1. Thank you for commenting, finnwest.

      For the longest time, the nudist lifestyle came across as strange to me.

      I’m glad to hear nudists’ thoughts on why they choose to not wear clothes.

      Understanding why people make the choices they do — empathizing with people — will, I think, make the world a better place.


  3. I enjoy the freedom from clothes. Some of my friends also enjoy social nudity so my friend network is made up of other Nudists. The benefits are I feel better and its easier to sleep at night, there is a less restricted feeling, less laundry to do, I take better care of my body. I don’t feel uncomfortable about looking at others, no need to hide anymore. Some of the drawbacks are the non-naturists are offended and would call the police even if I was hiding in my home. So the law is a big problem. There are very few places outside my home to enjoy nudity. I would tell people that we are all animals, get your mind in the right frame and mind your own and give me back my freedom!

    1. Greg Sarnec,

      Thank you for commenting.

      I’m glad to hear nudists’ thoughts on why they choose to not wear clothes, and how that effects their life.

      Understanding why people make the choices they do — empathizing with people — is important to me.


  4. Why did you decide to be a nudist? I can’t say I decided it, it was kind of the obvious/natural thing to do, to be. When you objectively question yourself about everyday things, those most of us take for granted and think about as “they have always been like that”, you start to realize that many have no longer the ground or reasons that perhaps once they had, others were made up by the industry trying to sell you something and thanks to advertising became the norm (not so long ago), and things like that.

    How has nudism changed your life? I definitely view myself with better eyes, not that I got issues regarding myself, but now I see myself as a whole instead of thinking in just parts or zones.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist? Benefits are as I said above, that you gain a better view of yourself, a better understanding of your body, you pay more attention to it, to its changes and learn to control them through nutrition and exercise. You gain a better self-thermoregulation, so when it’s cold you don’t need to be excessively covered, if not at all, and when it’s hot, you refresh a lot better. Of course there are other things like less laundry and less clothes expenses, no marks on your skin from elastics and stuff, there’s always an interesting theme to introduce in a conversation, and there is this almost indescribable sense of freedom of your body and soul. Drawbacks are that not everyone you know is capable/disposed to think about it analytically and understand it, at least why you do it, and that most places are not nudist-friendly.

    If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it? First that they must try it at least a couple of times, by themselves and socially before they to be able to emit a judgement. And second, with nudism, as it is with politics, religion, sports, arts, etc., there are many ways to understand it, to practice it, that there is no nudist lifestyle supreme authority to tell this is the way, North-Americans have their way, Latin-Americans have theirs, North/Central-Europeans have other, as have those by the Mediterranean, and those ways depend a lot on every cultural background, but the one thing they all must to understand and try to do is to keep their sexual lives in nudism as they keep it in their textile life, nudism is no excuse to turn themselves in sex-crazed people if they are not such in their clothed life.

    1. Ivan Akirov,

      Thank you for commenting.

      I’m glad to read about why nudists’ choose to not wear clothes. Understanding why people make the choices they do — empathizing with people — is important.

      You make a good point about how a person, whether they’re a nudist or not, must not become sex-crazed. I would think that, being exposed to the naked body so much, that a nudist would have a greater likelihood than a non-nudist of becoming sex-crazed.

      But, it seems that this is not the case: Whether a person becomes sex-crazed doesn’t have to do with clothes they are or are not wearing, but with their state of mind — how they see the world and the people in it.


      1. With respect, Tim, I’m afraid I have to disagree with you there. The non-naturist world is in fact obsessed with sex and that is the reason it views nudists with suspicion and disapproval. The only reason why the non-naturist world thinks of nudity as indecent is it immediately associates the naked body with sex. This obsession with sex is what I firmly reject as a naturist.

        As a devout Christian who has served the church since my toddler days as an altar boy, I’m familiar with why nudity is no longer a part of our rituals. The early Church Fathers tell us that in the early church, Holy Baptism of everyone including adults was conducted totally in the nude. That was a time when nobody viewed the naked human body as a sexual object. The body was considered to be holy and pure since God made it and St Paul in a few of his epistles wrote against the heresy of Docetism which denies the Incarnation of Jesus and insists that the physical body is evil and corrupting. To say that the naked human body is indecent and has a corrupting influence on others including children was very much a part of the Docetist heresy that the early church opposed. Unfortunately, the Church imbibed some of this Docetist heresy during the monastic period when the body was considered evil and had to be subjugated in the path of penance and flagellation. Naturally, in such a religious climate, nudity in rituals would be a taboo.

        When I was in the university hostel, my roommate who was always teasing me about my sleeping in the nude decided one night to try it himself. The next morning he complained that he was unable to sleep because he was assailed by sexual thoughts throughout the night. When I heard that, I actually thought he was a depraved pervert. Why would anyone have sexual thoughts just because he went to bed naked? I just couldn’t understand that. It took me years to understand that this is common in the non-naturist world where it’s a given that nudity is to be equated with sex. I have to say this is a rather unhealthy obsession with sex that genuine nudists are happily free of.

      2. Lim,

        Thank you for your comment.

        I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that I thought naturists were more obsessed with sex than non-naturists.

        What I meant to say is that before this post — before I got feedback about what the naturist lifestyle is all about — I thought a naturist, being naked and being around other people who were naked, would be more likely to think about sex than a non-naturist.

        Whether or not a person thinks about sex doesn’t have to do with what they are or aren’t wearing — it has to do with a person’s state of mind. A naturist is just as capable of self-control as a non-naturist: God gave us all free will.

        Again: Sorry if I angered or offended you. Are there any other aspects of my comments to that you’d like to talk about? Or did I clear everything up?

        Also: I didn’t know about that part of the history of the Church. Thank you for telling me about it.

        Thank you again for commenting.


      3. Please do not apologise. You are not at all offensive, not even mildly so. I was more worried that I might be offensive. I’m so used to dismissing the non-naturist world as sex-obsessed when I talk with other naturists that I forgot how inappropriate such a statement is here. But my point is we are all the same. I didn’t mean to say that non-naturists were more sex-obsessed. It’s just that the non-naturist worldview is unfortunately slanted so much to equating nudity with sex that a person who is trapped in such a worldview cannot help but think of sex the moment nudity is presented to him or her. Hence I brought up the example of my roommate. I’m not saying he’s more sexual than I or anything of the sort. But I’m saying he can’t help but think of sex when he’s naked.

        I think the more one’s culture is to cover up, the more likely such people will think of sex when they’re naked. That’s only logical. But it’s not a judgment on non-naturists. I just have strong issue with the non-naturist association of nudity with sex. I think that is harmful and that will lead to a more sex-obsessed culture. There’s nothing wrong with sex. That’s very much an integral part of a husband-wife relationship and it’s perfectly wholesome. It’s just the obsession that’s unhealthy, as all obsessions are.

      4. Lim,

        Ah, OK. I see where you’re coming from.

        Thank you for explaining.

        This has been a fun and thought-provoking conversation. Thank you for it.


  5. Why did you decide to be a nudist? AS a 17 yr old on a wide open beach it suddenly seemed silly to wear a cossie so I took it off spent the day naked and never wore a cossie again.
    How has nudism changed your life? It has made it more interesting and has produced some conflicts with fam and friends and on 1 occ resulted in a brush with the law, though no prosecution! As I’ve got older(now 67) I’ve found attitudes have become more favourable towards nudity and my neighbour a 70 yr black lady doesn’t mind at all if I’m naked in the garden.
    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist? Much more comfortable indoors naked doing housework,cooking,washing,decorating, less clothing to wash.Outdoors weather permitting, walking naked in countryside is very relaxing and having holidays at naturist resorts among like minded people of all ages shapes and sizes gives you a balanced view of humankind.
    If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it? Don’t be embarrassed about your body, it’s not what is outside but the inner you that you will discover and being among others as naked as yourself will give you a new confidence.

    1. naturalian,

      Thank you for commenting.

      I’m glad to hear nudists’ thoughts on why they choose to not wear clothes. The reason why is because I think understanding why people make the choices they do — empathizing with people — is important.


  6. 1) I became a nudist, because that’s the way I feel most comfortable.
    2) nudism has helped me to be more accepting of my & everyone else’s body, no matter how they appear. I now believe that the human body is a great work of art.
    3) I have always known that sleeping nude gave me much better sleeping ability. Also have come to realize how important it is to let our bodies breathe without the restrictions of clothing.
    4) with the nudist lifestyle, I believe we could be more humane with less chance of war, & more acceptance and love for all.
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to these questions…Jim

    1. pugbuddy50,

      You are welcome for me having asked these questions.

      Thank you for answering them.

      The reason I asked these questions is because I believe that understanding why people make the choices they do — empathizing with people — is one of the keys to having more peace on Earth. I want all people to be loved and respected, and I think that starts with empathy.


  7. Reblogged this on My Life as a Naturist and commented:
    This is an interesting query by a non-nudist. There is a comment I made in his blogpost that I felt I should repeat here since it encapsulates what I believe to be something the Church should look into carefully and view nudism in a much more favourable light. This is what I wrote in one of my comments:

  8. Hello,

    Much of my experience as a Naturist these past 4 (almost 5) years has thought me that naturists are some of the most accepting and non-judgmental people I know. I had my own insecurities growing the last of 11 siblings in a Catholic upbringing. I would go to bed in pajamas as that was what was expected of me and then once in bed I would take everything off and sleep in the nude. I always hid my true self to my family as I would surely be shamed.

    Why did I decide to become a nudist? – It was always something within me but could not express until I finally realized that nudity did not equate to sex.

    How has nudism changed my life? – It has made me accept myself and others without any judgment. It helped my self-confidence.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist? – The main benefit is being true to myself, self-esteem being comfortable in my own skin. Better sleep. The drawbacks would be that in my household I am the only naturist. Public nudity is illegal unless in a designated beach.

    If there was one thing I want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle is: Love who are, everyone is beautiful.

    I hope I have helped in answering your questions on nudism/naturism as many of the other bloggers that have presented their views.


    1. Fabien,

      Thank you for answering my questions.

      It is my hope that we as human beings will learn from each other, regardless of the lives that we live, and by learning from each other make the world a better place.

      My Catholic faith — my desire for love and empathy for all — is what drove me to write this post, and I’m happy about the response that it has received so far.


  9. Why did you decide to be a nudist?
    I was introduced to Naturism by a school friend and her family. I heard and learnt so much about body acceptance, and as a young person it helped me in my struggles through puberty. I met people from all walks of life who lived the same as anyone else, but just chose to be clothes free as much as possible.

    How has nudism changed your life?
    Ive discovered a freedom of thought and living that many of my friends and family havent. Ive been a naturist since I was 16, 33 years and I dont know any other way Id rather be

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist?
    Benefits- more comfortable sleeping nude, swimming nude, working nude, less clothes washing, less skin problems as a teen, I appreciate others for who they are, not what they pretend to be (via clothing, makeup, fashion)
    Negatives – havn’t found any yet

    If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it?
    Have you got a life time…… Live it clothes free instead of listening to me. Finding your own pace and practice clothesfree will mean more to you than any of my words. I can only recommend ways to be introduced to it.

    1. grasseynoel,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with, and thoughts on, the naturist lifestyle.

      As a non-naturist, at first this way of life came across as strange to me. But now thanks to you, and others who have commented, I have more of an understanding of this lifestyle.

      And understanding, I think is important. Understanding is what makes empathy possible, and empathy is something that this world nowadays — with all of its division and strife — needs more of.


  10. Why did you decide to be a nudist?
    I’m not sure I decided to be a nudist because nudity is normal and natural. I don’t consider it a lifestyle although I have to practice it as one. Being comfortable nude and with nudity to me is ingrained in a person’s personality. I find that people that are open, honest, and genuine are candidates for being a nudist.

    How has nudism changed your life?
    Naturism has made me more open to other aspects of life and to treat people as people. I don’t rank people based on what they do, have, or wear. Of course we all judge people one way or another on their personality. I feel that I am better in tune with my body and nature.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist?
    The health and psychological benefits are well documented and I won’t recant them here. I feel healthier and more in-tune with my body. Also as I stated above it has enabled me to treat people fairly. I feel more relaxed typically when I am nude. The drawbacks are the shame placed on nudity and lack of general acceptance. Because so many people in our society equate nudity with sex, I feel restricted being nude to very limited places. I find it very hypocritical that some behaviors are accepted by our society but our natural body state is not.

    If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it?
    Being naked is not about sex! It is about yourself and being free. It doesn’t matter what age, shape, or size you are; your body is beautiful anyway and you should be proud of it. Don’t be ashamed to be naked!

    1. Bare Beach Bum,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

      The purpose of this post was for me, and others who come across it, to gain an understanding of why people think or act the way they do.

      Empathy, I think, is important: It’s the key to tearing down so many barriers that exist between people.


  11. Reblogged this on Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy and commented:
    Here are the short answers to these valid questions.

    1. Why did you decide to be a nudist?
    I do not remember having decided, nudism felt normal on beaches as other people were naked, then things went naturally as I felt great naked.
    2.How has nudism changed your life?
    Nudism is a lifestyle. It may change the relationship with friends and family when you’re telling them you are a nudist and/or stay naked with them. Beyond this, it’s healthy and you feel much much better naked than clothed when the weather permits.
    3.What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a nudist?
    Benefits are numerous: health (mental and physical), happiness, no body shame, acceptance of differences, respect, light packing when going holiday, here are some posts on the benefits:,,
    As for the drawbacks, I see only one: people may see you as a weirdo and may turn away from you, as unfortunately nudism is often associated with sexuality. But this requires some calm explanation and for this the web site of the AANR or the INF are helpful.
    4.If there is one thing you want to tell people about the nudist lifestyle, what is it?
    Trying is believing. Go to a club and try it for a day or two. You will discover something unique and liberating.

    1. Thank you for answering my questions.

      I’m glad to be learning more about the nudist lifestyle.

      As a result of learning more and more about it, I feel that I am better able to empathize with those who live it.

  12. Timothy:
    After a surgery in 2010, on a follow-up visit with my doctor, I asked about what kind of shoes to look for, and was told, “You don’t need shoes. Go barefoot when you can. It’s better for your ankles and easier on hips and knees.”
    I tried it, and realized how unnecessary shoes really are but that I need to wear shoes for other people. I can’t walk treadmills in health clubs barefooted. I can’t walk with hiking groups unless I have proper footwear.
    I hike in my neighborhood, barefooted, but have been detained by a police officer three different times and once advised that I could be arrested for disorderly conduct for walking around barefooted.
    Anyway, I worked my way into nudity from the ground up. Just thinking about how I believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, granola, and shoes, and about how other people expect you to conform or be damned, I sought out half a dozen nudist friends and compared notes.
    Our backyard now has privacy fencing and privacy hedging around it, and my family and friends revel in it!

  13. I remember my parents buying land and moving into a tent when I was around 4 years old. So I grew up in old style housing on a farm, one room cabin, no electric or plumbing, growing most of our food, the bath was a galvanized tub in the middle of the room. But when about 5-6 my older sister started poking fun at my nakedness at bath time. Mother reprimanded her mildly. But it had it’s effect. Made me exceedingly private and scared to be seen naked eventually. I should have been the last one to go for naturist lifestyle. However God had different ideas, I have given myself to Him and asked him to train me to do whatever service he has for me to do. I see strong evidence of being let into naturism. I started enjoying naked wandering in the woods, working in isolated fields. Some 40 years later my attention gets drawn toward the naked gardening thing. And then I run into the idea of Christian naturism. It takes awhile to get my mind readjusted to the idea. But logic wins over feelings and with the reasonable arguments presented on mychainsaregone website, I was fully converted to nudism, or naturism since I aim toward developing the eden lifestyle as much as I can in this world, sharing it with others, with the eventual goal of the promised return to the original Eden. Most people (in my social system) think of sexual deviancy when they see nude humans. It’s an automatic conditioned response, they think nude lifestyle is all about lust. That is a product of a corrupt society. I found the nude lifestyle to have the exact opposite effect. It strengthens the mind against lust. Getting used to seeing nudity in everyday non sexual context conditions the mind to see it that way, as just part of ordinary life. And it makes agricultural labor so much more comfortable, for me at least, living where it gets hot and humid in summer and it can be hard to keep cool. SE USA I’m still a loner at it. no one in my immediate company has the urge to live naked. And I don’t push it. Just do it when I’m working alone. But I’m starting to look at sharing my nude enjoyment of nature with others. Just a meetup for a nature outing maybe. And possibly inviting some naturist minded folk in to help me with the gardening eventually. Which will expand to somewhat extensive proportions, acres in cultivation and greenhouses for winter production, and to enjoy the Adam and Eve gardening mode year round. It’s a lifestyle and diet that would cure many of their ailments, and that I’d much enjoy seeing happen.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with nudism.

      I’m glad that going naked has helped you. We’re all different, and God has to use different methods to get us to be the person that He wants us to be.

      The reason I wrote this post is because I thought it was un-Christian that a group of people — nudists — were, it seemed, being swept under the rug because of their lifestyle: going naked.

      Going naked isn’t for everyone. There are biblical reasons to be for it and biblical reasons to be against it. That being said: God can use anything — including nudism — for His greater glory. And it is undeniable that people who are nudists exist. Thus: I think it is our duty as Christians to not sweep our neighbors under the rug when they live a lifestyle that seems strange, but to empathize with our neighbor, listening to what they have to say and their reasons for doing what they’re doing. When that happens, I think God can work wonders.

      May God bless you. May your choice to go naked continue to positively effect your life, and may God use such a choice to make His will, whatever it may be, a reality.

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