Women, clothes, and empathy: Seeing women as human beings, not sex objects

The purpose of the following meme is to show that women have their reasons for wearing, or not wearing, a piece of clothing.

I know this meme might come across as “extreme,” but here is my thought process behind it:

The woman in this meme isn’t naked in order to arouse or manipulate others. The woman is naked because she wants to be seen as the human being that she is — not be seen as a sex object. Just because a woman is naked, or is wearing a revealing piece of clothing like a bikini, doesn’t mean that she wants to be seen as less then human. Naked or clothed, women want to be seen and treated as human beings. No woman is ever “asking for it” — asking to be raped, asking to be leered at, asking to be called a “slut,” asking to be told that God is angry at her because of her “shamelessness.”

Now, the meme:


When it comes to how women dress, here’s how I think about it:

  1. If a woman isn’t dressing with the intent to manipulate others. For example: A woman dressing in provocative clothing in order to tease the man who dumped her. The woman’s line of thinking being: Now he knows what he’s missing out on.
  2. The clothes, or lack of clothes, are appropriate for the situation. For example: A woman wouldn’t wear a gown to her job as a lifeguard, would she? And if a woman were in a clothing-optional community, than her being naked would be nothing to bat an eyelash at.
  3. And the woman isn’t wearing clothes that draw attention to particular body parts (like this):


Then I say this:

“Women, wear whatever you want. I, and I alone, am responsible for my imagination and my actions. I know that I wouldn’t want someone to hound me about the way I was dressed if my intentions are good, the clothes (or lack of clothes) are appropriate for the situation, and my clothes don’t implicitly say that the most important aspect of who I am as a person are parts of my body.”

All that I have said about clothes does apply to men, too — don’t dress to manipulate, dress appropriately, and don’t dress in a way that says, “The most important thing about me is this body part.”

The reason, for this post, that the focus is on women though is because women, more then men it seems, are chastised for what they wear or don’t wear. (See the posts that I have provided links to at the top of this post.)

And I want to put a stop to that.

I want everyone to be treated with love and respect, and for people to love and respect themselves too, no matter what they are or aren’t wearing.

For further reading:

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