My Thoughts on the “My Little Pony” Episode “Rarity Investigates!”

My thoughts on the My Little Pony episode “Rarity Investigates!”

  1. A Film Noir episode of My Little Pony? Yes, please!
  2. I want a spin-off series featuring Rarity as a detective.
  3. I liked the jazz music that played over the credits.
  4. It’s official: Rarity is third-best pony. She’s behind Pinkie Pie and Twilight.
  5. More “themed” episodes of My Little Pony, please. Now that the staff have done Musical (“Magical Mystery Cure”) and Film Noir, can they do, say, Silent? (I’m thinking a Silent episode about Spike’s efforts to express his feelings to Rarity.)
  6. “Rarity Investigates!” is now my third favorite episode of the series. It’s behind “Amending Fences” and “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.” (Though, depending on my mood, either of those two episodes can be my favorite of the series.)

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