A Return to Innocence

You know what? After spending so much time online, I’m done with the toxicity and the objectification of others.

I’m going back to what I see as a simpler way of life.

This doesn’t mean that, like a turtle, I’m going to hide in my shell in an attempt to block out all the unpleasant realities of the world. It means that I’m not going to allow the unpleasant realities of life to negatively influence who I am as a person.

If this post comes across as vague, that OK: This post is just me writing down thoughts as they pop into my head.

To me, what’s the first step for me to live a more simple life?

Gaining a new-found appreciation for slice-of-life stories.

How will I go about doing that?

Well, I love movies… so, Kiki’s Delivery Service it is.

See ya’ll.


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