Examining My Second Favorite Moment in “Eureka Seven” (SPOILERS)

Examining my second favorite moment in Eureka Seven:

Eureka telling Renton that, when she is with him, she can almost forget all the horrible things she did in the past.* (Episode #31, “Animal Attack.”)

“When I’m with you, Renton, I can almost forget that these hands of mine are stained with innocent blood.”*

I like this moment because I was able to empathize with Eureka. I’ve never killed anyone, but I, like Eureka, have things I wish I could forget. We all do.

Then, there’s this:

After pouring out her heart to him, attempting to console her, Renton says to Eureka, “That’s enough.”

To which Eureka says, “It is not! It is not enough.”

This line by Eureka is haunting and beautiful. What I think Eureka is saying is that it is not enough that she admits she did horrible things: She must do more, in order to make up for them.

The moment itself (it’s at 0:40):

Washing dishes together, Eureka suddenly stops and presses her shoulder against Renton’s. Renton is thrilled.

“I really like being with you this way, Renton.”

“Huh? Uh, really?”

“When I’m with you, Renton, I can almost forget that these hands of mine are stained with innocent blood.”


*Eureka starts crying*

“Are you happy when we’re like this?”


“Me too. That’s why I can forget about the past and the horrible things I did back then.”


“And now I’ve soiled your hands as well.”**

“That’s enough.”

“It is not! It is not enough.”

What I took away from this moment: Eureka can forget her past, but she can’t forget it completely.

Re-watching this moment after having seen the series all the way through, I am reminded of Eureka’s words to her adopted son, Maurice, in a later episode: Episode #45, “Don’t You Want Me?”***

“…I don’t want you to go through what I had to go through, feeling regret every minute of my life.”

I thought the words “had to go through” were an odd choice. To me, it implied Eureka did feel regret for killing people, but that regret didn’t last — that she eventually got over it. But I don’t see it that way anymore. Why? Eureka is like a blank slate. She is an alien who has been sent to live among humans in order to learn more about them. That includes learning about emotions. Like regret. And until that moment, when she realized what she had been doing, regret is something Eureka had never felt: She didn’t know that realizing she had been killing people would cause her to feel such a thing. In that way, regret is something Eureka “had to go through.”

All of this leads to a moment in episode #46, “Planet Rock”, where Eureka admits to her adopted kids that she is the one who killed their mother.

Crying, Eureka says: “I’m so sorry! I was the one responsible for your mamma’s…”

Eureka can’t bring herself to say any more. It is too painful.

*Newly-created and found by humans, Eureka was pressed into military service. She was the only one who could pilot the military’s newest vehicle. It was Eureka’s mission to kill members of a religion the military saw as a threat.

**Renton is fighting, and killing, because of Eureka. The two of them are members of a rebellion against a corrupt military.

***See the blog post “Examining ‘Eureka Seven’ (SPOILERS)” for more. Click Here for it.


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