An Aspect of Cortana’s Character

Cortana Meme26

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or prideful, but this is my favorite meme that I’ve made. I like this meme because it captures an aspect of Cortana’s character I like: A feeling of vulnerability, fear, and despair, which contrasts with an inner and outer beauty, mystery, and strength.

Cortana is naked physically and emotionally: She has no protection from anything. Cortana is undergoing a mental breakdown: She is suffering from rampancy. And Cortana is dependent on others in the sense that this battle that she is fighting within herself — as a result of rampancy — is one she can’t fight without others’ help.

But despite the fact that Cortana is naked, that every aspect of her — both the pleasant and the unpleasant aspects of her character — is exposed for all to see, she is still beautiful and mysterious. Despite the fact that Cortana has to depend on others, that at times she feels despair as a result of rampancy, she is still strong: She isn’t going to give up this fight.

We have all felt vulnerable, afraid, or felt like giving up on something, but that doesn’t change the fact that who we are is beautiful, mysterious, and strong: We are constantly learning new things about ourselves, adapting to new situations, and doing things we never thought we could do: And this art, converted into a meme, conveys that this is an aspect of Cortana’s character. It is this depth that makes Cortana one of my favorite characters in fiction.

Link to where this piece comes from:


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