My Thoughts on the “Eureka Seven” Episode “Join the Future”

I will always have fond memories of the Eureka Seven episode “Join the Future.” It wasn’t just the first episode of Eureka Seven I saw — an anime that is now my favorite TV series — it was my introduction to the anime genre.

I had watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, and watched anime with my cousin when I was younger. But until Eureka Seven, anime wasn’t something I was “Into.”

That one of the characters, Eureka, was mysterious — she spoke in a soft tone of voice, had aquamarine-colored hair and purple eyes — was a personification of the mystery that I felt when I began to watch Eureka Seven in its entirety: a feeling of venturing off into the strange new world that is anime.

It is a journey I am happy to have taken, and it is a journey I am still on.


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