Something a Bit Different: The GOP

Over the past year I have become more and more disillusioned with the GOP.

Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder are only part of the reason:

There seems to be an obsession with Adolf Hitler among members of the GOP, especially in the Christian Right, who often point to Nazi Germany as a forerunner of things to come in America as a result of the legalization of abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage.

(The GOP and the Christian Right are, frustratingly, getting harder and harder to tell apart. They’re like the pigs in “Animal Farm,” slowly becoming more and more human. A picture on Tom Snyder’s Twitter feed, an American flag in the shape of a cross, symbolizes such a union perfectly.)

There seems to be quite the “Us v. Them” attitude in the GOP/Christian Right, and when such an attitude is combined with a fixation on Nazi Germany and (what looks like) a hatred of Islam, it becomes even more disturbing.

Right-wing reviews of movies like “American Sniper” say that we need to do everything we can to be put followers of radical Islam into an early grave:

With such a we-need-to-kill-them-all attitude, what separates the GOP/Christian Right from the radical Islamists America is fighting against? The GOP/Christian Right, and radical Islam appear to be the same wolf, just in different clothing.

If given the opportunity, would the GOP/Christian Right establish a theocracy in America?

If reviews of “American Sniper” are anything to go by, the answer is “Yes.”


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