My Thoughts on the Pro-Life Movement

Should the pro-life movement be thanking Adolf Hitler? No.

But you might not know that from looking at the sheer number of comparisons that people who are pro-life make between abortion and the Holocaust.

Here are a few examples:

I wonder what the pro-life movement would do without Hitler.

It doesn’t help that pro-life efforts, at times, lack subtly. (The 2011 movie October Baby comes to mind. See the link:

Babies have been saved by the pro-lie movement, and I am thankful for that. It’s just that, why save 100 babies when you could save 1,000?

In my experience, pro-life people have reacted with outright hostility when offered constructive criticism.* It’s like they’re living in an echo chamber, or a bubble filled with yes-men.

What the pro-life movement needs more of is subtly and empathy.

The pro-life movement won’t change peoples’ minds about abortion when they browbeat them with words like “Nazis!” “Murder!” “Shame!”

*See my blog post “My Thoughts on Christian Organizations” for more.


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