My Favorite Moments From “Eureka Seven” (SPOILERS)

My favorite moments from Eureka Seven (SPOILERS):

1) Maurice confronting Eureka about the death of his mother. (Episode #45, “Don’t You Want Me?”)
2) Renton, Eureka and the kids walking up the big piece of amber. (Episode #46, “Planet Rock.”)
3) Eureka telling Renton about the difficulties of being a mother. (Episode #6, “Childhood.”)
4) Eureka telling Renton that she doesn’t want to kill anyone, or destroy anything, anymore. (Episode #35, “Astral Apache.”)
5) Eureka telling Renton that she’s realized what a family is, and what being a dad is all about. (Episode #38, “Date of Birth.”)
6) Eureka telling the kids that she’s buying notebooks and study guides for them. (Episode #8, “Glorious Brilliance.”)
7) Renton saying goodbye to his grandpa. (Episode #3, “Motion Blue.”)
8) Renton telling Eureka he loves her. (Episode #36, “Fantasia.”)
9) Eureka’s kids taking their punishment with Renton. (Episode #6, “Childhood.”)
10) Eureka admitting to her adopted kids that she is the one who killed their mother. (Episode #46, “Planet Rock.”)
11) Maurice’s words to Renton: “Our papa is the only one in the world that could save our mama.” (Episode #50, “Wish Upon a Star.”)
12) Eureka apologizing to her kids.* (Episode #22, “Crackpot.”)
13) Anemone saying to herself that she wants to change her life. (Episode #48, “Ballet Mechanique.”)
14) Renton and Eureka telling Anemone that her life matters. (Epsidoe #48, Ballet Mechanique.”)
15) Dominic and Anemone being reunited. (Episode #48, “Ballet Mechanique.”)
16) Eureka telling Renton that, when she is with him, she can almost forget all the horrible things she did in the past.** (Episode #31, “Animal Attack.”)

*Eureka’s kids don’t know that she is recovering from her suicide attempt: They just think that she was sick. When Eureka sees her kids, she sees what she would’ve lost by killing herself.

**I like this moment because we all have things we wish we could forget. I was able to empathize with Eureka more.

“It is not! It is not enough.”

This line by Eureka is haunting and beautiful. What I think Eureka is saying is that it is not enough that she admits she did horrible things in the past: She must do more, in order to make up for them.

Eureka can forget her past, but she can’t forget it completely.


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