Why Eureka From “Eureka Seven” is One of My Favorite Characters in Fiction

The first episode of Eureka Seven I saw was episode #39, “Join the Future.” I only saw the second half of the episode. The first time I saw Eureka I could tell, I don’t know how, that there was just something different and mysterious about her. Perhaps it was her purple eyes and aquamarine-colored hair or soft tone of voice.

Here is why Eureka is one of my favorite characters in fiction:

1) She loves her kids.
2) She is not afraid to show emotion. (For example: If she feels like crying, she’s going to cry.)
3) She is not afraid to speak her mind.
4) She is willing to give up what she wants so that others will have what they need.
5) She loves her enemies. (Eureka refuses to kill those who would want to kill her because she knows that even those who want to kill her have loved ones who would feel pain at their loss.)
6) She respects human life.
7) She admits when she makes mistakes, and does what she can to make up for them.
8) She asks for help, advice, and other peoples’ opinions. (To put it another way: She knows she doesn’t have all the answers and is humble enough to let others know.)
9) She is capable of defending herself and her loved ones.


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