My Thoughts on the Movie “Pacific Rim” (SPOILERS)

Pacific Rim (2013) is a good movie.

It’s much better than what I consider to be its closest cinematic counterpart, the Transformers series.

Upon watching it many times, Pacific Rim is also deeper than I thought, in terms of its characters and themes. The characters of Mako Mori and Raleigh Becket, in particular, stand out.

My favorite scene in Pacific Rim is near the beginning, when Raleigh is working on top of the Wall of Life. Before sliding down to the ground, he takes in his surroundings for a moment. It’s a quiet moment in a movie that doesn’t have many of them.

The visuals are stunning. Some of the best I’ve ever seen.

The Kaijus and Jaegers look amazing, and the fights between them are amazing.

The score is good, even though it is unnecessary at times. When I say the score is “unnecessary at times,” I’m referring to the fact that just about every time the Jaeger Gipsy Danger and a Kaiju are about to fight, you hear this blast from a horn. Since the movie Inception (2010), blasts from a horn seen to have to become popular.

And the Wall of Life is stupid. It is a purely defensive strategy. What’s worse, the Jaeger program is going to be shut down. So now Kaiju will show up and humanity will have no way to fight them; humanity will only be able to hide behind the Wall of Life while the number of Kaiju continues to grow, until the planet is filled with them and through sheer force of numbers they break through. Plus, the Wall of Life does not solve the problem of the Breach. How is humanity going to stop the Kaiju from coming? The whole plan just seems like a waste of resources, especially when it’s shown that the Wall of Life is unable to stop Kaiju. And yet government officials say, in the face of undeniable evidence to the contrary, that the Wall of Life is the best option. That is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in a movie. This isn’t a well thought out plan, and I can’t believe that nations are taking it seriously.

Also, what’s the deal with the names? “Stacker Pentecost,” (What kind of first name is “Stacker”?) “Gipsy Danger,” “Cherno Alpha,” and “Striker Eureka.” Crimson Typhoon is my favorite Jaeger, not only because it has three arms with buzz saws attached to them but because its name makes sense; Crimson Typhoon is crimson, and with its speed and three arms it’s as devastating as a typhoon.

To me the Kaiju and Jaeger fights overshadow the other parts of the movie, too. For example, when I first watched Pacific Rim, from the moment the first Jaeger and Kaiju fight ended I kept thinking When is the next fight? Lately, too, I’ve only been watching Pacific Rim for the fights.

The first time I watched Pacific Rim, though, was with my roommate, and it is one of my favorite memories from college.

Upon watching Pacific Rim I feel like my eyes and ears have been pummeled, and that I’ve got to lie down and read a book or listen to a piece of classical music.

But Pacific Rim is a movie that understands what fun is. “Fun” is why people watch movies about giant robots fighting giant monsters. And no movie I know of does it better.


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