My Thoughts On Christian Film Criticism

This interview comes from a blog called “Christ & Pop Culture.”

Here is the link to the interview:

Here is why I don’t like Movieguide. From the interview:

[“]What would you like to see the film industry look like 20 years from now?[“]
[“]We support a return to the Moral Code of Decency and the vetting of all scripts for movies going to public theater and DVD retail within 20 years, if not in 3-5 years. That would probably include the elimination of all R-rated and NC-17 content as well as most PG-13 content. We also look forward to Christian/biblical hegemony within the industry. If this ministry had much more support, our progress would be that much quicker.[“]

Movieguide doesn’t seem to care about movie criticism. All they care about is having their worldview, and no other worldview, presented onscreen. I have no wish to see their goals come to fruition. A movie industry that is dominated by Movieguide would potentially be a movie industry that produces not art, but propaganda — “message” movies that don’t challenge me or cause me to deal with difficult questions, movies that don’t present the world as it is, movies that are poorly made and preach to the choir.


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