Why “Eureka Seven” is My Favorite Series

Why Eureka Seven is my favorite series:

1) I empathize with the characters.
2) The subjects the series touches on are handled in a responsible way.
3) The animation is some of the best I have ever seen.
4) The voice-acting is very good. (I watched the English dub.)
5) The soundtrack is one of the best I have ever heard.
6) The fights are brief, intense, and skillfully choreographed.
7) The fights are just a means to an end and are not the purpose of the series.
8) It is not preachy.
9) It is a positive portrayal of adoption and family.
10) It is implicitly pro-life.

Some things that I thought the series could have done better:

1) Some of the plot points and terminology could have been better explained. I have a general idea of what happens throughout the series and why it happens but more details would have been helpful, even if not necessary.
2) At times the sound seemed to jump, causing me to turn down the volume. This wasn’t a problem though as long as I wasn’t blasting the volume. This is a technical issue and not a criticism of the series itself.
3) Because some of the soundtrack are songs sung in Japanese, it was hard for me to feel the emotions the songs were trying to convey because there were no subtitles. This could be solved in most cases though by me just turning the subtitles on.


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