My Thoughts On “The Legend of Korra”

The Legend of Korra is not a good show. I don’t understand what is so exciting about it. The villain for the first season was good, but the character development for everyone else was almost non-existent and the love story sub-plot was as uninspired as they come. The animation and soundtrack are great, but they can only get you so far. I enjoyed the first season, but as the second season drew near I realized I had no desire to see it.

I won’t be watching all of season two or season three. I saw the first five minutes of the first episode of season two and then went to my friends to find out what happened next, and watched reviews of episodes of season two online. I’ve also seen the first two episodes of season three. My suspicions were confirmed — the series is getting more convoluted.

The overarching plot seems to meander and not be going anywhere. The series lacks focus. Every season there is a new plot, different from the overarching plot, and as a result it is hard to be emotionally invested in what is going on since by the start of a new season the events of the previous season will be nothing more than water under the bridge.


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