Excerpts Of An Opinion Piece From Fox News, and My Thoughts

“Is the premise of my next movie, [Persecuted] really so far-fetched?”

By Fred Thompson

Published on April 18th, 2014

Excerpts from the article:

“In 1949 the Federal Communication Commission introduced something called the fairness doctrine, which required every broadcaster to provide air time to those with differing views from their own.”

“For years political speech was stifled by this rule and yet it stood until the presidency of Ronald Reagan.”

“Despite attempts to revive the fairness doctrine, freedom loving Americans have thwarted every effort…”

“[Persecuted] imagines a world in which politicians essentially want to silence ministers by demanding that their messages about God be balanced by opposing points of view…”

My thoughts:

We, as Catholics/Christians, have the Truth (Jesus). Why are we so scared of being persecuted then?

Apparently, being forced to hear an opposing point of view counts as persecution. (Doesn’t freedom of speech allow both sides to have their say anyway? And isn’t hearing both sides of an issue constructive?)

What is wrong with both sides having their say?

How is suppressing freedom of speech something a freedom-loving American would do?

Why are Catholics/Christians the only ones being persecuted in this movie? Wouldn’t leaders of other religions in the United States be furious that “…their messages about God [had to] be balanced by opposing points of view…”? Where is the national outcry?


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