My Thoughts On the Movie “Bella” (SPOILERS)

I haven’t seen all of Bella (2006) and I don’t plan to. However, here are my thoughts on it.

Bella is not a good movie about the joys of adoption. (It was championed as being pro-adoption.)  It seems like the only reason Jose adopts Bella is because he feels guilty over the fact that he accidentally killed a little girl years ago. He doesn’t seem happy to be adopting Bella; he seems to treat adopting her as something he has to do and not something he wants to do.

I just don’t see Bella changing many people’s minds about the issue of abortion.  For example, how is a woman who is considering abortion going to relate to Nina when the reason Nina’s child lives is so (for lack of a better word) extraordinary? Not every man has a troubled past and wants to adopt a child in order to make up for it, which this movie seems to say is all that is necessary in order for a woman to change her mind about having an abortion.

The movie was also boring. Two-thirds of the way into the movie I thought the plot ground to a screeching halt. One moment I had tears in my eyes when Jose was telling Nina about the day he accidentally killed the little girl and the next moment, when Jose was introducing Nina to his family, I was thinking, “This is so boring.” The tone of the movie had shifted 180 degrees. It was at that point that I stopped watching.

The acting was good, though. And for the first two-thirds  of the movie I was interested in the characters and the plot.


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