Why “WALL-E” Is My Favorite Movie

1) It is like a silent movie.
2) It has an appreciation for musicals.
3) It has a complex female character.
4) It has an admirable, sympathetic protagonist.
5) The score is the best I have ever heard for a movie.
6) It has amazing animation.
7) Robots being in love is cute.
8) It is a heterosexual love story. In a time when male-female relationships are being degraded in our culture — through the use of contraception by couples and the prevalence of divorce, for example — a story like this is valuable because it can remind people of what love should be;  preferring constantly the well-being of another over your own well-being.
9) It has good lessons to teach. For example, be a steward of the environment, don’t lose track of what really matters in life, material possessions ultimately won’t make you happy, and never lose your sense of wonder or your childlike innocence.
10) It is a well told story. I was hooked from beginning to end.
11) It is a movie that anyone can enjoy.
12) It is science fiction.
13) For the first time that I can remember while watching a movie, I was engaged emotionally. For example, I was sad when I was supposed to feel sad and overjoyed when I was supposed to feel overjoyed. I almost cried at the end.
14) The director (Andrew Stanton) was born premature, just like me. If he can grow up to make movies and have a positive impact on the culture, than I would like to think that I can, too.
15) I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched this movie, and I haven’t got tired of it.

To address some concerns about the movie:

Is it anti-human? No. It shows that humans are capable of redemption.
Is it anti-capitalist? No. It shows the dangers of out-of-control capitalism but also shows the fruits of capitalism, like musicals and the Rubik’s Cube.
Is it anti-technology? No. Robots are there to help humanity, not enslave it.
Is it environmental propaganda? No. It shows us that we are supposed to be stewards of the environment.
Is it “liberal propaganda”? No. Andrew Stanton has said, in interview after interview, that there is not intended to be a political slant to the movie.
Do I find the live-action people in the movie distracting? No.
Do I find WALL-E’s actions towards EVE creepy? No. A scene I am thinking of is when WALL-E wraps Christmas lights around an unconscious EVE, drags her around the city, and tries to hold her hand. (EVE refused to hold WALL-E’s hand before she became unconscious. WALL-E is unsuccessful in reviving her and decides that he will do with her what he pleases.) In this scene WALL-E’s actions towards EVE are not right, but they are understandable because he doesn’t know what love is and he sees this as his chance to make his fantasies a reality. WALL-E finds that his actions do have consequences, and that his fantasies are not what he had built them up to be.


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