The Phrase I Can’t Stand

“Liberal propaganda.”

When reading a review of a movie, whenever the phrase “liberal propaganda” (or its stand-ins — “Hollywood propaganda,” “environmental propaganda,” and “socialist propaganda,” to name a few) is used to describe it I immediately tune out and lose respect for the author. The reason for this is that if you take a look at the number of movies that are considered by conservatives to be “liberal propaganda” you will find, many times, that not only are they not liberal propaganda but that the creators never intended their work to be seen as having a liberal bias. And even more frustrating is when a conservative critic says outright — or the reader gets this impression based on what the critic is saying — that they have never even seen the movie that they are critiquing.

We should always pay attention to what we watch or read, but today it seems like everything has become politicized. Nothing can just be enjoyed anymore. People are on the lookout for some bias or some hidden meaning.

These are peoples’ opinions, though; what a person thinks about a book, movie, or TV show is up to them. I’m just shocked though at how much of a role politics seems to be playing in how people think about their entertainment today.

Movies I know of that are accused of being “liberal propaganda”:

Avatar (2009).
The Lorax (2012). (Haven’t seen it yet.)
WALL-E (2008).
Elysium (2013).


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