Being With Others

“Think for yourself.”

For the longest time I’d felt like others had been telling me what to think. For example, I formed my opinions of books, movies, and TV shows off of what other people had said, and not what I thought. Now, two and a half years since graduating high school, I realize that I am, in a way, on my own; the daily routine of my life (get up, go to school, come home, do homework, relax and go to bed) is a little bit different now. The routine itself hasn’t changed, but I have more freedom now than before, and I have to learn how to use that freedom in a responsible way. One of those ways is thinking for myself — forming my own opinions on books, movies, and TV shows because those are what I enjoy. What a person fills their life with in order to entertain themselves, and others, is important.

I used to feel threatened whenever someone would have a different opinion than mine. But I have realized that opinions are what make the world go around and that it would be horrifying if everyone liked and disliked the same things. All I can do is make up my own mind and stick to my own opinions, and not let others influence me to the point where I don’t know anymore what I think about some piece of entertainment.


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